Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy Recap: Mets 8 Phillies 3

The Mets are now 3/4 of the way towards putting the Phillies away for the season. If they get swept I don't think the Phillies have the stones and fortitude to come back from that.

But this may have been a pyrrhic victory as Sosa got hurt running to first base in the 6th inning. He has a strained hamstring and may have to go on the DL. He had another adequate but not great start.

But the Mets gave him a lot of run support, continuing to use the dimensions in Philadelphia and the air (the ball carries) to hit four home runs. In the first LoDuca and Wright homered to stake Sosa to an early 3 run lead.

Sosa gave back two runs in the second and then Ryan Howard crushed one, they said it was 450 feet but I think it might have even been more, to tie the game.

From then on it was all Mets. Sosa settled down and he got some help from the bullpen. The two worst relievers, Schoeneweis and Heilman both pitched good, uneventful innings and then Feliciano pitched the last two innings, starting by getting Utley and Howard.

Beltran had another huge day, hitting two more home runs (four in the last two games), he also singled to right and LoDuca scored on a throwing error. Then Beltran scored on a sac fly by Wright meaning he was involved in the last 5 Mets runs. The runs that made the difference.

Mike Pelfrey will come up to try to get his first win of the season, and give the Mets the sweep. Oliver Perez has a stiff back, hopefully he can go on Tuesday instead.

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