Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Recap: Mets 9 A's 1

A very good night where the Mets did everything well, got some key hits, some home runs, Glavine pitched well and they played good defense. But it was a little too much like the first game of the Twins series, after which the Mets played two more stinkers.

The Mets started it off with a Reyes run, bunt single, error and he scored on a single by Beltran. In the third Glavine of all people doubled and a sacrifice bunt and sac fly got him home. After a Green homer made it 3-1, the Mets broke it open in the 6th.

Beltran reached on an error, Wright on an infield single (which would have gone through if not for a diving stop by Ellis). Then Delgado, Green and Glavine all had run scoring hits. Then Reyes hit one deep to center that should have been a triple, but Glavine didn't slide early enough and got thrown out at home.

Tom Glavine gets tagged out at home

But Glavine did practically anything else, he tried to pitch a complete game but when he gave up a leadoff hit in the 9th Willie came out to get him.

Glavine did give up a run in the next inning when the Mets scored to make it 1-0. Then the Mets made it 2-1, and he put two men one with one out. He would have given up another run but Reyes made a great play, and turned two.

After that Glavine cruised finally getting his 296th career victory.

Carlos Beltran homered for the 9th run.

Carlos Gomez threw Nick Swisher out at third base to end the first inning.

Let's see if the Mets can take this and turn it into a streak

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