Monday, June 18, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Yankees 11 Mets 8

I am so sick of Tom Glavine. He cannot pitch with the lead and I am starting to think he can't pitch at all.

In his last 5 starts the Mets have scored in 6 innings. In five of those cases Glavine gave up at least one run in the very next inning, and in all those cases he ended up blowing the entire lead. The Mets have lost his last 5 starts, the first two were not his fault, the Mets scored zero runs for him in those two games, but the last three he blew, especially the last two when he got bombed. Whenever he gets comfortable he tries to get guys to swing at everything, because he's afraid to throw strikes and get creamed.

Another interesting theory is that Glavine is a master at pitching around guys he doesn't want to face and in his last two starts against Detroit and the Yankees, he faced the two best offensive teams in the majors so they have fewer weak spots in their lineups for Glavine to work to. And they take a lot of pitches because they know that have a good hitter on deck.

Three times in the last 7 games the Mets scored 7 runs or more, all three times they lost.

I'm not going to go through the individual gyrations in this game except to say that in addition to Glavine, the bullpen also sucked and that Willie should have used some of the better relievers to try to keep this one close. Schoeneweis, Mota and Sele all gave up runs.

I do want to defend Carlos Beltran for swinging at the first pitch in the 9th with bases loaded and the Mets down by 3. The Mets needed a hit there. Rivera is not going to walk in a run. He had been 3-2 on Gomez and Reyes, but that was only after starting them 0-2 and 1-2. He is not Benitez who struggles with his control. In that spot I think Rivera is going to be aggressive and the first pitch may be the best one he sees the whole at bat. But that's what goes wrong when you are struggling.

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