Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Twins 6 Mets 2

Same shit different day. Mets get a lead, starter blows it, bullpen makes it a blowout.

I thought things might be different after the first innings. With men on first and second and one out Perez didn't cover first base on a potential 3-6-1 double play. But he got Hunter so that mistake didn't come back to haunt him. Then the Mets got him a run as LoDuca doubled and Beltran singled.

Minnesota tied the game on a walk and a triple, because Shawn Green is slow as shit getting to the corner.

But the Mets bounced right back to take the lead on singles by Reyes, Beltran and Wright.

Perez had an interesting night, he walked 5 men - one each in the first five innings, but he was mostly ahead of the hitters, but for some reason he couldn't strike guys out. And that was his undoing in the fifth. He walked Mauer to lead off the inning but got the next two guys and had a 1-2 count on Torii Hunter, but Hunter hit a home run to left just over the glove of leaping Ricky Ledee.

The game was over in the sixth when Ricky Ledee slowed up on a deep flyball he might have been able to catch, turning it into a double. Then Joe Smith (who has been exposed) gave up a hit and a walk and Schoeneweis came in to blow the game wide open.

Of course the Mets didn't score another run.

Mets have lost 6 straight series. They've lost 13 of 16 and 14 of 18 in June.

"Mama said there'd be days like this. Or weeks." - Willie Randolph

I hope he doesn't have to turn that into months.

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