Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Cardinals 5 Mets 3

A disappointing loss considering the Mets made such a great comeback to force extra innings.

Schoeneweis sucks. About 50% of the time when he comes into the game he is going to blow it.

Perez gave up a run in the first inning but the Mets got it right back with a single by Reyes and double by Beltran. But Wright and Delgado both hit deep flyballs that were caught on the track.

Both teams went in the tank offensively until the bottom of the 6th when Beltran and Wright walked and Delgado made out to end the inning. It was the 23rd time in a row that Delgado made out with two out and runners in scoring position. Earlier in the season I suggested leaving Delgado alone until he came out of it, but we're halfway through the season and he's not coming out of it. I think he should be batting 7th. He is absolutely killing the team by constantly making outs in key situations. Of the 174 players with enough at bats to qualify, Delgado is 146th in OPS. Even worse, LoDuca is 144th.

Perez started the 7th with an out, then he allowed a hit and a walk with one out. Heilman came in and SNY showed that he had stranded 16 of 16 inherited runners so far this season. I knew that was a jinx but he got the second out, then a comebacker bounced directly off Heilman right to Valentin who scooped it up...and dropped the ball. Just a horrible play.

Heilman allowed another run in the 8th and Paul LoDuca homered in the bottom of the inning to close the lead back to 1 when Valentin redeemed himself. With two outs in the ninth Shawn Green worked a walk against Isringhausen (a great at bat) and Valentin ripped one down the right field line. Green sprinted home to tie the game, and after Ledee walked ancient Julio Franco had the chance to win the game, and of course he didn't. Everyone likes to pick on Franco and he does suck, he's not useful as a pinch hitter, but of all the problems with the team, Franco doesn't even make the top 10.

Billy Wagner pitched the top of the 10th, but because he pitched 2 innings in the first game of the series Willie elected to go with Schoeneweis in the 11th. And he promptly gave up the game-losing home run to Brendan Ryan. Ryan had only 6 home runs in 4 minor league seasons. In this game he went 3-4 with 2 runs and 2 RBI and one great play in the field, a diving catch on a would be single to center by Valentin in the 7th.

Valentin allowed an insurance run on a chopper by Encarnacion, the same as the previous play, he couldn't grab the ball to throw it, even though they had plenty of time.

Delgado doubled in the bottom of the inning but the Mets couldn't do anything with it.

For the fifth time this season the Mets failed to stretch a 4-game winning streak to 5 games.

The Mets have lost 6 of the last 7 games they've played on Tuesdays.

Keith Hernandez was very funny today. At one point apologizing for butchering Encarnacion's last name. He said it meant "carnation" but his wife texted him to reprimand him because it means "incarnation."

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