Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Recap: Mets 10 A's 2

I don't want to call it too early but it looks like the Mets are off the schneid.
The starting pitching is back, the hitting is improved and they are getting big hits with men on base. They swept this series by a combined score of 20-3. It was the third series sweep of the year (fourth if you include a 2 gamer vs. the Marlins.

The game started off in fine fashion with a Reyes run. He hit a bloop to right field which landed in front of Jack Cust (the man who took Piazza's DH job), who never plays in the field. Reyes slid into second but Cust's throw got away from Crosby (I think the umpire was in the way) and went all the way to left field and Reyes came around to score. Even he is not used to running all the way around the bases at once, he was tired when he came back into the dugout.

The Mets scored one in the third and started to pull away in the third with a two run double by Damion Easley that landed just out of the reach of Mark Kotsay.

Carlos Gomez had a nice day with three hits, one hard hit double, one bunt hit and one infield hit. They timed Gomez at 3.43 down the line on the bunt. Ron Darling said the only guy who ever ran faster than that was Keith Hernandez to his car after games. Gomez also made one nice catch in the field though it might have been easier had he tracked the ball properly the whole way.

The A's got back to within 5-2 but El Stache hit a 3 run homer. Beltran added a meaningless 2-run single to make it 10-2.

Maine pitched really well for the second straight start, and for the second straight start he got excellent run support. He improved his record to 8-4 and his ERA is now 2.87.

Before today the Mets had played 18 games over the previous 3 weeks, they were 5-13 and each starter one once except El Duque but the did get 1 win when he started.

Gary Cohen spent the whole game, and the whole series, criticizing Billy Beane and Moneyball. He said the A's think on base % is the best indicator of runs scored, but they are 6th in the AL in OBP and 13th in runs scored. He criticized them for being a bad fielding team. He criticized them for eschewing the stolen base. He laughed at Billy Beane for constantly firing his managers, which is actually a fallacy.

Ralph Kiner visited the booth but he was mostly just hard to understand.

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