Monday, October 01, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Marlins 8 Mets 1

The choke is complete.

Tom Glavine absolutely choked in this game. He had the worst performance of any pitcher ever, in a game of this magnitude. In the history of baseball, no pitcher has ever done worse in such an important game. Horrible, just horrible. If Michael Vick owned the Mets he would have electrocuted Glavine.

Glavine was scared. I don't want to hear anything about his previous big game resume. He was scared in this game. He refused to throw strikes and sulked and pouted when Joe West didn't call his pitches strikes. They weren't strikes. Glavine got behind almost every hitter and yes, there were some bloop base hits, but it was all his own doing. I know he has to live on the corners, but once the strike zone is established by the ump, he refuses to change his style to it, he just throws the same pitches, and bitches when the ump calls them balls.

So the game was basically over after the top of the first inning. But the Mets showed comeback but just couldn't get it done. In the first inning Ramon Castro blasted one deep to left with the bases loaded, he thought it was gone, but it was caught. In the second David Wright struck out with two men on. And Paul LoDuca in his last at bat as a Met (probably), hit a check swing roller to the pitcher with the bases loaded in the third. After that the Mets gave up.

The bullpen was actually excellent in this game and if the Mets had just gotten one more hit in each of the first three innings they might have had a chance. But once again the Mets situational hitting failed them, and they died a horrible painful death.

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