Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Recap: Mets 7 Cardinals 2

This team is back on a roll, great starting pitching, timely hitting and it just seems like they're going to win every night.

Let's start with the great Mike Pelfrey. He's won his last 7 decisions. The Mets won the last 9 games he started. His ERA is 2.12 in the 7 starts he's made since Dan Warthen became the pitching coach. I just can't express how impressed I am with the sudden turnaround he's made this season. And the fact that it coincides with a similar drastic improvement made by Perez, it seems Warthen is definitely having an impact on those two.

Another monster home run by Carlos Delgado. I'm not quite sure how he's doing it but he's definitely changed his approach. Not sure if it's confidence, or laying off the inside pitch, or the slider away but he's doing something different and he's awesome.

Another huge hit with a couple RBI for Jose Reyes.

Argenis Reyes hits his first major league home run, and everyone in the dugout gives him the cold shoulder. Awesome. I love this kid by the way, and wish Luis Castillo would never come back.

What is wrong with Duaner Sanchez. At least this time Manuel yanked him and Feliciano and Heilman cleaned it up for him before it became another blown lead.

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