Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I Don't Want To Hear It

Two aspects of the Mets collapse that are absolutely ridiculous, and therefore getting a lot of play in the stupid media:

1) That the Mets somehow fired up the Marlins by showboating and celebrating on Saturday. And that Reyes provoking Olivo into a fight gave the Marlins extra motivation, without which they would have quit on Sunday. That's complete bullshit. Teams don't quit. Did the Marlins quit on Friday? Why didn't the Marlins get fired up in the second half of Saturday's game? Was Dontrelle Willis fired up when he lasted only 2 2/3 innings? Did the Marlins stop being fired up when they scored only 1 run in the last 8 innings? Did they say, ok that's enough? Complete bullshit, none of that had anything to do with the game. The Mets lost because they didn't get it done, not because they gave the Marlins motivation. A few more questions. Were the Marlins motivated all season when they lost 91 games? Even if the Marlins were motivated, shouldn't the Mets have been more motivated? And even if both teams were equally fired up, shouldn't the Mets have been able to beat them anyway? Nonsense.

2) The Mets fans contributed to the team's poor play at home particularly on the last homestand. I am critical of stupid Mets fans who boo constantly and make Shea unfriendly to home ballplayers but to blame the fans for this is ridiculous. Mets fans took every opportunity to go nuts for this team, and every time the Mets blew it. If the fans had cheered louder Tom Glavine wouldn't have given up 7 runs in the first inning? Bullshit. The team sucked, and that's why they lost.

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